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How to Publish and Distribute Ebooks with Smashwords

Back in 2009, I felt a calling on my life to write devotionals that would inspire.  My love of writing had been revived after many years of being dormant.  I began to write and write and I found myself with several devotionals that I wanted to share but did not know how.  I happened upon a website called Smashwords that would become the means for me to distribute the Good News throughout the world.  Because of Smashwords, I was introduced to the world of ebooks and ereaders.  It just so happened that the renewal of my writing life was happening just as ebooks were revolutionizing the book industry.

Smashwords has given my ebooks access to ebook platforms such as Barnes and Noble’s Nook and Apple’s iBookstore.  Without Smashwords as a partner, I probably would never have been able to reach as many readers as I have.  I have found Smashwords to be very easy to work with.  If you follow the Smashwords Style Guide, you should have no problem formatting your ebook for distribution through their premium program ( any you definitely want to be distributed through their premium program).  There are graphic designers that you can hire to create a high quality ebook cover for you.  You could also create your own ebook cover using a free program called  Below is my latest ebook cover that I created using

Smashwords has been a great partner in my writing ministry.  I wish you great success with your writing.

God Bless!